About Us

Rickson Remedies came into existence in 2003 and since then, has been progressing brick-by-brick on the foundation of quality, integrity and tireless efforts of providing high quality and affordable medicines to assist patients in need. Supported by the best manufacturing facilities and practices, we are trusted by healthcare professionals and individuals across the nation for the last 2 decades. Today, we are amongst the leading Indian pharma companies with a portfolio of more than 200 products.

Our Vision

Seeking accountability of humanitarian approach to care for life with inclusiveness, accessibility and affordability

Our Mission

  • To become a domestic and globally admired and recognized pharmaceutical company by assuring high quality standards and cost-effective products
  • To provide excellent quality products to our customers and people of the world
  • To work tirelessly for longer, healthier, happier and better human lives through innovation in medicine and healthcare products
  • To maintain highest standards of quality at all levels of production
  • To observe highest ethical standards & fair business practices

Our Values


With a passion for the best quality products and services, we aim at getting it right the first time and are constantly creating valued customers and happy employees through team work.

Reliability And Integrity

Being efficient & disciplined in all processes & systems, we fulfil all the promises made to our valued customers. With high level of ethics and integrity in our work, we provide a trust worthy couch to rely on.


We constantly endeavour to maintain consistency and deliver uncompromising products and services in all respects.


We are transparent in all our dealings. By precisely examining the needs of the market, we fulfil customers' all demands, with the highest levels of quality.


We constantly implement new ideas & technologies to meet ever-growing requirements and think ahead of times.

Quality Assurance

Rickson Remedies understands that the prescribed medicine should competently provide the desired effect to the persons taking it; to protect patients from accidentally being administered an incorrect or contaminated medication; and ensure that the medicines should comply with the regulation. Hence, we strive to provide high quality products to enhance our reputation, minimize cost and to provide high quality drugs to humans and animals. It is well known that all manufacturing stages need quality assurance actions to ensure successful results. To meet these targets, we rely on well-designed Pharmaceutical Quality Standards, which involve the coordination of quality through processes, with the aim of producing finished products of the highest quality.

The general model of controlling quality at Rickson Remedies involves: checking the value or degree of the set standards, checking the product for conformity and feeding this back into the initial system and checking stages. The control of quality is an essential process and is applied at all manufacturing stages; starting with the design, through to assembly of raw materials, in-process, post process and finally the finished products including stability testing. This explains why the final products of Rickson Remedies are competent enough to pass all the essential quality checks. Nevertheless, it is not possible to mention high quality finished pharmaceutical products without mentioning Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Validation. At Rickson Remedies, no stone is left unturned to assure the best quality of the products.


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